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Looking for a fun team bonding activity? Party, Corporate or special event?
We’re here to assist your team with whatever you need! Our event planner will tailor your event to your preferences, offering options like exclusive venue access, private and party rooms, flexible booking times, and nearby attractions. Our escape rooms provide a one-of-a-kind challenge that promotes teamwork and enjoyment. To personalize your team’s Chronos Escape Room experience, please contact us at 909-800-8812.

Party Rooms
Explore the versatility of our party rooms, offering the ideal backdrop for hosting unforgettable parties or engaging team building experiences. Book a Party Room
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Play for FREE on your Birthday! 
Come and play a FREE escape room for your birthday! Detail terms

What events are good for escape games?
Company Event, Birthday Party, Proposal, Bachelorette\Bachelor Party, Anniversary Party, Family Gathering, Friends Reunion and Any Special Event!

How many people can you accommodate? We currently have 8 games available at our location:
AWAKENED: Max 12 players. INCEPTION: Max 8 players. CHRONOSTOPIA: Max 8 players. PRIVATE EYE: Max 8 players. JURASSIC ISLAND: Max 8 players. THE LAST WINTER: Max 8 Players. BLOOD THIRST: Max 9 Players. VOYAGE OF THE SEA SERPENT: Max 8 Players. DOLLHOUSE: Max 8 Players.
– With a sprawling 20,000 square feet, our single-location venue offers unrivaled versatility, allowing us to convert every area into a party space. This ample space also enables us to accommodate a larger number of guests compared to other escape rooms.
– Group rate. We will be providing group rate base on the people that you have. (starting at 13 people)
– Our utmost commitment is to tailor an exceptional experience exclusively for you and your guests.

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