Have a cooperate / special event? Want a special booking time?
Please call us directly at 909-800-8812. We will help you find the best way to host your event by customizing the event details and all your special requests, such as special booking time, private lobby, etc. Our adventures are unique way to bring everyone together, and a great challenge, too!

What events are good for escape games?
Company Event, Birthday Party, Proposal, Bachelorette\Bachelor Party, Anniversary Party, Family Gathering, Friends Reunion and Any Special Event!

How many people can you accommodate?
We have 3 games available. AWAKENED: Max 14 players. INCEPTION: Max 10 players. CHRONOSTOPIA: Max 8 players. PRIVATE EYE: Max 8 players. JURASSIC ISLAND: Max 8 players.

Who has played at Chronos Escape Room?