While on a overnight hike with your friends, you got lost in the woods and found talking animals trapped in a bird’s cage. The animals explained that you, also, are trapped in a magic dimension from the broken portal and in exchange to helping free them, they will help you get a key from the goddess in the castle to return the real world before the portal closes.

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Fantasy, semi-linear, charming, good for the beginners, couple dates, and kids, family friendly, fully immersive experience.

Easy (3/10). 60-70% escape rate

Minimum 2 players. Recommend 2-6 players (This game can accommodate group larger than 6, up to 8.)

60 minutes

8 and above (We will NOT refuse anyone who is under the recommended age to play the game.)

Emotions and happy faces are the best gift ever! Send a friend, co-worker, or special someone on an adventure they will never forget.