Awakened Escape Game
Awakened Escape Game
Awakened Escape Game

You receive an invitation in the mail from an old high school classmate for an upcoming reunion. You don’t remember him very well but a party is a party and you accept the offer. You arrive at the address listed on the invitation and find yourself at you old abandoned high school and to your surprise the gym has been renovated just for the occasion. As the party progresses your vision starts to blur and before you know it everything goes black.

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1500 ft² with 8 rooms, horror, creepy, bloody, and requires physical activity. (No real actor in the game)

Medium (6/10). 35-40% escape rate

4 – 8 players (This game can accommodate group larger than 8, up to 12.)

60 minutes

13 and above (We will NOT refuse anyone who is under the recommended age to play the game.)

Emotions and happy faces are the best gift ever! Send a friend, co-worker, or special someone on an adventure they will never forget.