Blood Thirst

You are a group of vampire hunters on a quest through the dark forest. Somehow you lose your way and stumble upon a village. The villagers were friendly and you decided to stay the night, but little did you know they are all members of a cult that worship the ‘blood thirst shadow.’ They lock you in a dungeon below his chapel to be sacrificed…

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Adventure (not scary), Vampire, non-linear, high tech, intense, team work, fully immersive experience.

Hard (8/10).

For the best game experience, recommended group size is 3-6 players (Maximum room capacity: 9).

60 minutes

16 and above (We will NOT refuse anyone who is under the recommended age to play the game.)

Emotions and happy faces are the best gift ever! Send a friend, co-worker, or special someone on an adventure they will never forget.