A long time no see high school friend comes back to town and invites you and other schoolmates to a reunion party at an abandoned high school. Is he really the same person that you knew years ago? You and your friends decided to attend the party to find out……
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1500 ft² with multiple rooms, horror, creepy, bloody, and requires physical activity. (No real actor in the game)

Medium (6/10). 35-40% escape rate

4 – 8 players (This game can accommodate group larger than 8, up to 14.)

60 minutes

#1 00:29:25. [Dead Silence 6] Group of 6 on 5/26/2018
#2 00:30:36. [Woke AF] Group of 6 on 7/15/2018
#3 00:30:47. [BlueFish + Aaron] Group of 3 on 11/25/2017

13 and above



In the year 2098, dream sharing technology is a medicine used to treat patients who have mental disorders. Now you and your group of best engineers are hired to operate the machine to bring a very important figure, who is currently unconscious, back to the reality……

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Scifi, romantic, high tech, brain-challenging games, requires strong teamwork and communication skills.

Medium (7/10). 30-35% escape rate

4 – 8 Players (This game can accommodate group larger than 8, up to 10.)

60 minutes

#1 00:28:53 [Dream Team] Group of 8 on 3/10/2018
#2 00:30:55 [Bramaron] Group of 3 on 7/13/2018
#3 00:31:31 [HBD Leslie] Group of 8 on 2/18/2018

13 and above



While on a overnight hike with your friends, you got lost in the woods and found talking animals trapped in a bird’s cage. The animals explained that you, also, are trapped in a magic dimension from the broken portal and in exchange to helping free them, they will help you get a key from the goddess in the castle to return the real world before the portal closes.

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Fantasy, surprising, good for the first time players and couple dates, kids and family friendly, fully immersive experience.

Medium (5/10). 38-42% escape rate

2 – 6 Players (This game can accommodate group larger than 6, up to 8.)

60 minutes

#1 00:43:56. [ElmCor] Group of 2 on 7/3/2018
#2 00:54:27. [Fuller] Group of 6 on 7/10/2018
#3 00:59:45. [EZ] Group of 4 on 7/2/2018

10 and above